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Consulnet thinks that ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, NETWORKING and SMARTWORKING are the success keywords of the new world of business.

Established in 1996 in the USA, Consulnet is a distinguished international and independent business agency with a robust online presence. It operates from bases in Italy, France, and Mauritius, offering a broad spectrum of top-tier services, supported by a global network of elite professionals and partners.

In 2023, Consulnet made a significant stride into the advanced tech sphere by launching Ethermind, an innovative AI platform noted for its holistic approach to artificial intelligence. Ethermind transcends being just a product; it's a commitment to transforming global enterprises by maximizing AI's potential. This initiative aims to redefine the industry by enhancing the diversity and quality of our consultancy services. Ethermind is tailored to meet the unique challenges of today's business landscape, symbolizing a major leap in the field of artificial intelligence and catering to an international market.

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